Lessons Learned From Unemployment
byJaimee Hall
May 5, 2021
Bad Ass Boss

Executive Summary: Lessons learned since being unemployed. I had to learn to embrace that season of my life with optimism and to stop and smell the roses. What have you learned from your seasons of unemployment? 1: Anxiety-Inducing Questions: #whatdoyoudo #unemployed

a.  “So, what do you do?” A better question is “So, how do you spend your time?” Answer: “I’m consulting, starting my MBA and looking for my next professional opportunity”.

b.  “Oh, so you wanted to spend more time with your kids and slow down?” This is such an odd question. If a woman isn’t employed, does it always have to be because she wants to be with her kids or slow down? For the record, staying at home with your kids does NOT equal slowing down. My friends that are work at home moms are some of the most respected humans I know and work far harder than your average CEO.

c. “So, are you a stay at home mom?” A better question is “So, how do you give back to the world?” Answer: “I am a mom to 4 kids that need my love. My passion for theatre has lead me to help a local theatre company. I volunteer at my church in the city because we want to fill a void in an empty place and I love being an encouraging voice to those around me so they can know they have a lot to give and achieve”.

2: Turning your LinkedIn on for recruiters does NOT mean they will start beating down your proverbial professional door. Finding a job is really hard work…like full time kind of hard as well as draining! #jesustakethewheel #morecoffee #morewine 3. Optimism is key: As difficult as 2017 was for me, the biggest lesson I have learned is #thebestisyettocome. Embracing the ups and the downs of the past is important to being more excited about the future. Some things just need to die in our past so we can live more fully in our present and future! #canigetanamen 4. Transparency will be rewarded: In an industry that is built on selling yourself, being transparent is difficult. I have found that most find my honesty refreshing. I have hesitated to say anything on social media about being unemployed because of the stigma. The truth is clear, I need a job and I don’t currently have one. There shouldn’t be any stigma in that. #transparencyishonesty While I wrote this original article on LinkedIn 3 years ago, it resonated with me still today as there are so many people in the world looking or employment right now. I’m so glad that when I was faced with several opportunities, I decided to take a risk but a risk that included investing in myself. And also after 3 years, I can tell you that investment was more than worth it! If I can ever help any of you through a career transition, don’t hesitate to reach out friends! You are not alone!


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