Panty Power!
December 2, 2021
Imperfect Human

Have you ever blown your nose in your own underwear? No? Just me?

I was on the highway driving and I had an extreme situation where my nose started running uncontrollably and I was simply out of options. There weren’t any tissues or napkins, and I was headed to a meeting so using my sleeve was also not going to work. The only piece of cloth in my entire vehicle, other than my own clothes, was a pair of underwear that I had shoved in my vehicle door handle after a bikini wax, shout out to my amazing EWC crew, earlier that morning. Yes, my friends, desperate times call for desperate measures.

In this moment I didn’t see any other options and frankly, I didn’t hesitate. I grabbed those panties and got the job done. It was a hilarious moment and I cracked myself up for hours after when I would think about this situation. I can honestly say that in all my years on this planet, I had never blown my nose in my own underwear. There is a first for everything.

I belly laughed at myself over this whole incident and I do everytime I tell the story. It was such a funny thing to have happened and I feel like I did the best with what I had. This resourcefulness and the ability to always find a solution is one of my strengths as a human.

One other time after a bikini wax, I was set to attend a happy hour with my Legal Back Office business partner and one of her new employees she had hired at her firm. She wanted this new team member to feel welcomed and thought I could help bring her into the fold positively. I arrived a little tardy because of another happy hour prior to this one. It was winter and typical STL was freezing outside. I had put my underwear in my coat pocket after my bikini wax earlier that day and forgot they were there.

We had a lovely happy hour with laughter and some business talk, but mostly just three women having some champagne and enjoying each other’s company. At some point, we all decided it was time to wrap up and as I stood up to hug this new employee, I reached in my pocket to put my mask on and lo and behold the panties start to get strung around my face as I realize what is happening. Said employee and my business partner died laughing, as did I. First impressions folks! Thankfully I wasn’t embarrassed, the new person wasn’t offended, and we now have a great story to tell.

When did it happen exactly? When do we forget how to laugh at life? Was it the pandemic or is it just adulthood? When did life get so heavy and serious that we lost our ability to find the humor in mistakes and imperfection? If you know me very well at all, you know I’m very open about my imperfections. I have come to know more of who I am over the last few years, and I like me even with my many flaws. I’m talkative. I’m fun. I’m opinionated. I’m hard-headed. I’m resourceful. I’m transparent. I love deeply. I forgive easily. I love to laugh. I live my life out loud.

I got more fulfilled, found my heart to be more at peace and found myself actually loving to live life when I dropped the perfect act. Being imperfect is freedom. Being anyone other than who God made you to be is offensive to the opportunity of life we have been given and can be very frustrating to our souls.

If you ever find me to be a little edgy, that is because I have simply stopped caring so much about what others think of me. I know who I am and my purpose in this life. If my panties end up strung around my face accidentally, what other option do I have other than to laugh? My panties have now created two awesome memories in my life. Deep gut laughing and bonding with a new friend are two gifts that I now have for the rest of my life every time I tell these stories. I could have hidden these stories; felt embarrassment or shame and I could choose to never think about these again. I’m sharing them with you to give you a good laugh, but also to encourage us all to embrace life’s funny moments as gifts…to let down our guards and our seeking of perfection…to drop our judgement of others who may string their panties up around their faces;-)…to let ourselves laugh. I never knew how powerful my panties could be in giving me the gift of laughter over and over again and I hope you get more of these gifts as you embrace being an #imperfecthuman.


  1. Jenny

    Just goes to show that you never know when your CEO is going commando and may whip out her underwear at any given time. 🤣

    • Jaimee Hall


  2. Noemi

    I love this story! I also love this quote “Being anyone other than who God made you to be is offensive to the opportunity of life we have been given and can be very frustrating to our souls.”

    I got a good laugh 😂

    • Jaimee Hall

      Thanks for the comment Noemi!


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