Do Hard Things – The Road Less Travelled
byJaimee Hall
May 6, 2021
Imperfect Human
Road Less Traveled

In January 2020, I’ll never forget floating in a luxurious hot tub for my birthday and hearing a distinct voice from God saying I needed to “rest” this year. To rest didn’t mean sleep, unfortunately, but to be at peace…to find peace with who God created me to be despite how off-putting that person might be to the status quo…to create peace in my kid’s hearts by putting on a heavy clock of patience….to lean in to life’s difficulties in a way that I could see the calm after the storm, but the ominous view of these challenges wouldn’t keep me from walking through them.

To do hard things is not what I heard in the word “rest” in January, but it quickly became a mantra that I have realized over time. The old me would not always be honest with those around me or myself in order to please and remain in your good graces. The fear of rejection has consistently been a weight around my heart and mind for most of my life. I wish I could say this fear is rooted in nothing but self lies, but many of us know the hurt that comes from life and human interactions that has added weight to these chains exponentially with real rejected stares, whispers, direct verbal attacks and through unintended hurt. The old me would say yes too often to things I shouldn’t be doing and no too often to opportunities or challenges I needed to embrace.

I’ve been searching for me for the last couple of years…the me that God made to stand out in a crowd…the me that embraces all of humanity even in a global pandemic (sorry friends)…the me that is unabashedly a little loud and outspoken and that expresses myself big and loves big…the me who doesn’t care what others think…the Jaimee that is transparent and honest and open without fear or timidity…that girl became lost at some point along my life’s journey.

Over the last 6 months I have started to see her beautiful soul more and more in the mirror. Through telling friends when their words or actions have hurt me when I never would have spoken up about it before…through addressing conflict in the workplace with more grace…through being the leader I was wired to be that is a little bit crass and direct, but works really hard and loves really hard…through being a CEO that isn’t an asshole and truly cares…through embracing imperfection and not being concerned about not meeting the perfect standard that others have set for me or I have set for myself.

I’ve done more hard things over the last 9 months than I have probably done in my entire adult life. I didn’t think the path to finding “rest” would be through heartache, anxiously approaching difficult life decisions, addressing the darkness in my own soul, saying goodbye to toxic yet comfortable people and behaviors or having my heart ripped out of my chest multiple times…”Rest” God said in January 2020! If there is one thing I have learned about God’s hand in my life, it’s that He has always led me down the road less travelled…and it has always made all the difference!

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