Dreams Riviera Cancun – Go There!
byJaimee Hall
May 9, 2021
The Good Life

In January 2021, on a whim I saw that flights to Cancun were at an all-time low. My 39th birthday was January 30th and I happen to not have the kids over that weekend. I have never travelled by myself before on a personal vacation and I have certainly not booked such a big trip only two weeks out from take-off. I have to say, I might have awakened a new addiction! 

What’s important to me when looking at All-Inclusive resorts:

  1. Safety: When travelling alone, I decided to look at family-friendly resorts. The purpose of this trip was a “Eat, Pray, Love” sort of vibe and going to an adults only where I would likely get hit on constantly did not sound appealing.
  2. Great Food: I’m a decent cook myself and so I’m a harsh critic when it comes to great tasting cuisine. Life is too short to eat bad food and especially on vacation.
  3. Beautiful, Updated and Comfortable: No one I know wants to go back to the 90s so why are we still selling hotels that look and smell just like that decade. We also want to sleep well on vacation so bed comfort is a must.
  4. All the drinks: unlimited beverages is a must! I’m a huge cocktail and bubbly fan so the convenience of not having to pay for tabs is huge.
  5. Service, service, service: Thank you Gary Portnoy for this now iconic sitcom theme song that resonates so deeply with me in my life right now. “Sometimes you wanna go, where everybody knows your name. And they’re always glad you came. You wanna be where you can see, our troubles are all the same. You wanna be where everybody knows your name”.
  6. Spa: there must be a relaxing and quality spa. Period.
  7. Fun: if there isn’t music or live entertainment, I’m out. On vacation, there must be music and dancing for me.

After wrestling through many different resort options, I settled on Dreams Riviera Cancun which blew my mind! Check out the video I made, which could have been much longer, to see some of the property features! This resort checked all my boxes and I loved it so much, I’m taking my family there this summer.

Must-Know things for when you visit this resort: 

  1. The Preferred Club is totally worth it! The lounge has better drinks, faster service and is a comfy air-conditioned place to rest if you don’t want to go all the way back to your room. You get spa water treatment access and spa discounts. You can also reserve a private cabana on the beach complimentary!
  2. The App key system is amazing! But remember to keep your phone charged and a charger with you by the pool (see star on map for location of poolside charging station). Download the app in advance to save time at check-in: 
    1. i-Phone Download
    2. Google Play Download
  3. Try all the restaurants, but don’t leave out the Italian or French places if you have to choose. The lamb at Bordeaux is incredible and the Bolognese at Portofino are must tries. Ask for Juan Jose Robles Alegria to get your rezzys at all the places. He’s the best!
  4. The Spa by Pevonia. Simply amazing! The water treatment area is absolutely amazing and something you can enjoy with your Preferred Club status. I’m picky when it comes to massages, but this one was great. Also, for a unique experience, request the organic candle wax for your massage. Trust me on this one!
  5. Find Hugo in the lobby bar. The staff at this resort outdid themselves and I can spot good service when I see it. When they started calling me by my name on day two, I knew I picked a great resort. Tell Hugo I sent you and enjoy the stunning lobby and nightly live music. Don’t skip the bottle of Chandon that they can chill for you and have waiting by your seat. 

Dreams Riviera Cancun meets my standards for The Good Life! Check out their Insta for more stunning photos!


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