Imperfect Human

When did society tell us we have to be perfect?

When did we start telling ourselves anything less than perfection is failure? As I try to be the best mom, boss, friend, daughter, sister, ex-wife, co-parent, girlfriend and human; I often stumble.

I believe that peace is found when we accept our imperfection and learn through it by embracing vulnerability and humility. In a world that rejects so many, I want to be a safe place for all to truly be who they are without fear of rejection or judgement…including accepting myself for who God made me to be.

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Accepting imperfection & embracing vulnerability.

I see you friend and you are beautiful!

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Imperfect Human
Panty Power!

Panty Power!

Have you ever blown your nose in your own underwear? No? Just me? I was on the highway driving and I had an extreme situation where my nose started running uncontrollably and I was simply out of options. There weren’t any tissues or napkins, and I was headed to a...

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