Attitude of Gratitude Series: My professional journey reflection!
byJaimee Hall
May 5, 2021
Bad Ass Boss
Professional Reflections

I would be remiss if I didn’t write about gratitude for the people that without them, I wouldn’t even be an entrepreneur.

David LeMoine from Crowe Healthcare Risk Consulting LLC (formerly CHAN) saw something in me and hired me into the corporate world with a theatre degree from Emerson College. Without him, I might have never entered the business arena and him believing in me, trusting me and giving me way more responsibility than I should have had taught me an incredible lesson about embracing an attitude of continual learning. He always said, “If you don’t always feel like your head is just barely above water, then you are too comfortable and need to be more challenged”. I started at CHAN as a 24 year old single Operations Support Specialist with a theatre degree and left as a 30 year old married Leadership Development Director with two kids.

Michelle Piranio and Marsha Dupuis were my direct bosses when I started at CHAN and they showed me what it meant for gender to not matter. I learned that being women in positions of authority came with unique challenges, but not ones that couldn’t be overcome. I was given autonomy, support and full trust to learn and make mistakes and shine. To not be micro-managed as a young professional was an incredible blessing that I do not take for granted.

Kurt Held remains to this day, my favorite boss. He was the right level of supportive, allowing me time and space to achieve and also was really good at popping me in the nose with a hard truth that I needed to hear. He pushed me, trusted me and encouraged me. We are still friends today which says something about how he was invested in who I was, not just my role within that company.

Joe Cordell hired me at Cordell Cordell despite my being highly unqualified at the time because he saw that entrepreneurial spirit and liked to hire for hustle and attitude. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and gave me the most amazing experiences where I could learn through triumph and failure. I learned so much from his brilliance, creativity and trusting me in very important roles. I started as a 30 year old married HR Director with two kids and left as a 35 year old married Chief Operating Officer with four kids! Woah!

Without these men giving me an opportunity, giving me way more than I could handle, supporting my growth and pushing me to become better…I would have never gained the confidence, experience, or skills that supported me in being the entrepreneur I am today.

When faced with the opportunity to start a business, Sara Stock also took a leap of faith with me and has shown me how to truly empower, support, encourage, challenge and partner together in an incredibly powerful way. She is a brilliant, positive, empowering and caring entrepreneur herself and I wouldn’t want to be in business partnership with anyone else at this point in my life. She has supported me through everything personally and professionally and taught me how to lead again through my own truth!

You see, no business is built by one person. On Global Entrepreneurship Week, I’m even more aware of how all of our success is due to an army of people that played an important role in our life journey that led to the moment we are in today.
Lastly, I’d like to recognize myself. Entrepreneurs usually pat themselves on the back too much or never at all. I’m usually the latter. The truth is, I’m pretty awesome and it has taken me years to recognize that. I work incredibly hard, I love my people and my clients and I’m very passionate about our mission at Legal Back Office. I also happen to know how to get results. 🙂 I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today without saying yes to opportunity, being resilient and optimistic through challenges and learning how to not compare my success to others but to simply focus on my own vision.

Shout out to all of the entrepreneurs around the globe that need a little encouragement today. You’re awesome and you can do this!!! Congrats on making the leap and I’m so grateful to be in this crazy-ass tribe of beautiful humans!


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