Bitterness vs. Vision Fuel
byJaimee Hall
May 5, 2021
Imperfect Human

Choosing to be fueled by vision over bitterness!

When your business or your personal life is being fueled by bitterness instead of vision, you will find these areas will start to die a very slow death in which you will continually be frustrated and down. Only spend as much time dwelling on the past that it will motivate you for the future!

In 2017, I found myself being both personally and professionally challenged more than I had in my entire life. I was in a position with a lot of responsibility for profit and people. Tension was running high because of the race to hit goals, as it does in most organizations, and I found myself also pregnant with my fourth baby. Fun times!

Not only were the daily production battles being felt heavily, but the internal political climate was also becoming even more strained. Here’s the thing…I HATE internal politics and most people do! I used to say that I wanted to create an organization where we didn’t have all of that bullshit to deal with. What I have learned is that if there are people in your company, there will always be politics. So how do we create a culture of trust, mutual respect, high productivity and transparency so we can minimize the negative impact that unproductive and cancerous politics can play on our organizations? I was losing the political game because I wasn’t playing it. When I started to play it, I was playing it all wrong.

In 2017, I lost myself professionally. I started trying to fit in and act like everyone else. I remember one of my business coaches telling me one time that I was hired over and over again in my career because I stood out and it would be hard for me to not become diluted and to continue to embrace my unique leadership style. That always stuck with me, but I definitely lost Jaimee Hall under the immense pressure. I remember looking at myself in the mirror one day and wondering who the person was starting back at me. I had become hardened, bitter, overly sensitive, I lacked confidence and frankly I was kind of a bitch.

Looking back on it, I allowed bitterness over my circumstances to control my mindset and I lost my vision. My first CEO told me that he admired my abilities to see the world through rose colored glasses and to always believe the best in people and in circumstances. He told me that if I could hold onto that attitude and perspective that I would really succeed in business. I believed him because when I started to be fueled by my bitterness and not vision, I started to fail.

No one says leadership is easy. It’s one of the hardest things I have embarked on professionally. Doing hard things, having difficult conversations, always choosing the high road, choosing to believe the best, refusing to allow negative politics to drive down culture and making extremely hard decisions is all part of leadership. We accept these hard realities when we say yes to being a bad ass boss. We will, however, be even more bad ass if we can set the bitterness aside and continually remind ourselves and others to be fueled by a positive vision that burns from deep within our souls.


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