My Biography

I’m a Bad Ass Boss.

Being a business owner for a national company that has been growing ridiculously fast is f-ing hard and so fun. I am incredibly passionate. My passions include running a company where no assholes are allowed.

At Legal Back Office, we have a culture where we want our clients to like and trust us, where every person matters, we go above and beyond, we lead through service and we have a positive and abundance mentality! In other words, we get shit down without being assholes and try to genuinely like humanity. 



I live the Good Life!

Oh…and I’m a hell of a lot of fun!! Whether I’m traveling and making the most of those adventures, spontaneously hitting the club on a Sunday night or enjoying champagne and cocktails on a lovely patio, one thing is for sure….life as my friend will mean we choose to embrace fun!

I’m a Modern Day Mommy.

I’m a single mom of FOUR awesome and also imperfect children. I have worked very hard to build a strong co-parenting relationship with my Ex. I cuss around my kids. We talk about our relationship with God and the grace he gives us daily. We talk about real life issues while I sip on wine and they drink their milks. We give snacks to the homeless when we run into these beautiful souls living in the city. We talk about compassion and understanding when we pass Planned Parenthood. We go on adventures because life is too short. We cry together. We laugh together. We pray together. We also fight. #imperfection



I’m an Imperfect Human

This is the space where I’m supposed to say how awesome I am and why we need to be friends. Humbly, I am pretty awesome, but I’m also incredibly imperfect. My willingness to share this imperfection transparently makes life with me feel refreshing in a world of fake everything. This quality also makes me somewhat scary and uncomfortable because life with me is honest and open and without walls…mostly. 😉 I want to be a safe place for all to truly be who they are without fear of rejection or judgement.

Invite Jaimee To Speak.

Dynamic. Engaging. Motivational

As the CEO of a successful startup, a single mom of 4, and a passionate communicator, Jaimee brings a wealth of professionalism, expertise, perspective, and fun to the room.

If you are looking for a motivational breathe of fresh perspective, look no further.